About Us

Who are we?

BIG Euro was launched to encompass all that is European.  We want to provide automotive news, features, event coverage and maybe some side stuff. We are just some people who love European cars. BIG Euro is the organizing entity for the annual event called Big SOCAL EURO at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego. BIG Euro is associated with SoCalEuro, iLOVEeuros.com

How we met?

It started back in 2001 by Lon Mok and Paul Chan. We eventually started organizing smaller local events. We used a tool called “Web Forums” to spread the word, some of you young’ns might never heard of that. The basis of our event called a Gathering because we never liked attending shows and having our car “judged”. We felt all cars stock or modified should be appreciated.

Our first large event in 2003 was called NorCal vs SoCal in San Luis Obispo, CA. In 2004 we did NorCal vs SoCal & Audi in Santa Barbara, CA at the Earl Warren Fairgrounds and it just blew up since. We since used the event name of Big SoCal Euro Gathering.

From 2003 til 2005, you might remember Big SoCal Euro hosted near the Angel’s Anaheim Stadium at the Primedia Magazine office building (next to Hooter’s). We had a one year excursion at Ventura County Fairgrounds (Speed Channel Video from 2006). We finally moved the event to Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego in 2007. You really can’t find a larger venue for an automotive event. Qualcomm Stadium has 19,000 parking spaces!

We have picked up some new friends along the way, but many of the people who help make this event possible have been around since the beginning. I can’t thank these friends enough! They share the same love and passion that I have. The sponsors that continue to support the event allow us to keep this event going!