Big SoCal Euro
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Is this BIG event free? How? Why?

Yes. Free!

Why is this BIG event free? First off, it’s free because the amazing support of all of you. And it’s free because our amazing Sponsors! So please support the people and companies that support us. We always felt that a free event brings together the community. We work hard each year to keep it that way. Support the event by purchasing shirts, hats and decals at our booth.

How do I enter the show ?

Well the whole event is a huge show. Yup, thousands of cars in the show.  There is no judging so bring your stock, work-in-progress or completed car to the event! Bring your exotic or bring your street cruiser. Come and have fun!

Where do I park as General Parking? Why VIP Parking?

The General Admissions parking is First Come First Serve. Qualcomm Stadium, as a whole, has almost 19,000 parking spots. Qualcomm Stadium has the largest parking lot in the NFL (Source). There is plenty of parking for everyone! Cruise/groups tend to save spaces for their group. If you are coming in a large group or caravan, please find space near the back area. Reasonable amount of saved space is fine but please be courteous to others.

VIP Parking is limited for those that want a premier parking spot.

Roll-in time? Group parking?

The gates for General Parking will open when staff is ready. The check-in for VIP Parking will open earlier. Please do not arrive earlier since you will just be waiting around.

You are allowed to park in groups. Please arrive together to make sure that you are all able to park next to each other.

Are non-European cars allowed?

The event is specifically focused and created for European car owners, however we are friendly to anyone who is respectful. The reason is simple, we have a lot friends along the way that had non-Euros and eventually got a Euro. Someday, they too will have a Euro.

Is alcohol allowed?

Absolutely NOT !! Don’t bring any alcohol, it is not allowed and we will ask you to leave.

Can you bring your own food and drinks?

Absolutely! We encourage it. Bring plenty of water/liquids to keep hydrated and food/snacks. We will of course have food trucks and drinks available for purchase also. Please place trash in trash cans. BBQ grill is permitted on the out skirts of the general parking area. Please clean up after yourself.

Can I bring canopy and chairs?

Yes! Personal canopy and chairs are welcome. Please be respectful of the parking space. Commercial canopies with business brand/logos are NOT permitted. Only paid vendors are allowed.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, we are dog-friendly! Must be on a leash and of good temper. But please bring water and clean up after your pet. Pigs are allowed too. Please keep in mind, the pavement will be hot.

How did this event start?

It started back in 2001 from by Lon Mok and Paul Chan. Read more here.

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