Euro SHOWDOWN is the main area for Big SOCAL EURO. Most people register here for the premium parking location, but some register for awards.

If you come to Big SOCAL EURO for the awards, then you have come for the wrong reasons. Big SOCAL EURO is about the people, who share passion for their European cars. In that spirit, our awards is a recognition and not a form of competition.

Our judging will be handled by a combination of our team members and associations in the community. You might say it's based on our feelings and feels. Not by scoring. The event is to experience the culture of meeting owners, not the awards themselves.

Big SOCAL EURO never was huge on judging, which cars are 'best' and we never want to belittle those that don't really care. The award/judging system for this year's event will be team choice. That's right, the team who hosts Big SOCAL EURO will be selecting their favorites. As most judges, we have opinions. It will be biased. 

Awards Categories