Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic – The PC Case that can do it all!

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We received our Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic (O11D), that is an O like Oxygen. This PC case has been getting excellent reviews. It is priced very competitively for a case from Lian Li. That’s mainly due to the fact that Lian Li is well known for their aluminum construction cases. The O11D is a new ventureĀ for Lian Li because it features a steel chassis with tempered glass front & side panels. It ties into the tradition of aluminum only on the front IO panel area.

The change to the steel chassis and exclusion of included case fans allows them to bring the price down, half the price of their other cases. Many Lian Li enthusiasts may consider avoiding the new steel chassis because of their affinity for their aluminum heritage, but many will also prefer the price point. Currently available from Amazon here.

This case seems to favor custom liquid cooler builds, but from our eyes is an excellent case for all around PC builders. It has plenty versatility for any needs. The major issue I see is for large CPU air-cooled solutions. Specifications show a max CPU cooler clearance of 155m, that rules out coolers such as the be quiet! Dark Rock 3/4 (162mm) and Noctua D15S (160mm). I think that is a major oversight from Lian Li. There is a O11 Air version to be released soon, but from their website it shows it will have the same clearance issues.

The trend for several years in the PC case market has been power supply shrouds. Lian Li has introduced a concept from SFF cases. They have placed the PSU behind the motherboard instead of at the bottom of the case. This allows for the possibilities of radiatorĀ & fan support at the bottom of the case. They also introduced an angled cable grommet pass through between the 360mm side fan mount and the area behind the motherboard. This allows the ability to support a full 360mm radiator even with large GPUs.

The other interest feature of the O11D is the patented mechanism for the side panels. It’s simply the easiest tempered glass and side panels installation & removal. We are excited about this new design layout and can’t wait to feature a build in the new Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic. We hope to see more PC case makers follow this new layout.

And interestingly enough, behind the motherboard tray, there is room for up to 2 power supplies. Might only be useful for a handful of power PC modders. But the room inside the O11D case allows for some amazing versatility and potential for custom liquid cooling systems.

Lian Li has brought the quality minimalistic design that it is well known for into a price category competitive for the other steel chassis cases. We can’t wait to see what comes next from Lian Li and other manufactures.

We also have size comparisons with the NZXT S340 Elite & Fractal Design Define Mini C TG.

Take a look at our Quick Look video of the O11 Dynamic