Occupy Big Bear 2017 Coverage

Words by Lon Mok | Full photos album click here

#OccupyBigBear is a symbol of all things good about the European car culture. With so many of us Euro car guys growing families and filled with daily life, #OBB gives us all a chance to see the many friends who share the love of European car life. The cars that make the trek up the mountains range from the new daily drivers to the dust-off sitting in the garage rarity.

The excitement of the internet, shows how much all of us need #OccupyBigBear. If Big SoCal Euro is a festival of European car enthusiasts, #OccupyBigBear is a vacation with European car enthusiasts. The weekend started with the annual cruise up the mountain. The usual meet & greet Friday kicks off the weekend as people find their space in the parking lot of the host hotel. The Big Bear Village is home to some great eateries. Relaxation comes in many forms when you are surrounded with trees, friends & cars.

Saturday morning kicks off the Show & Shine. Awards are given to the Top 25 and select category trophies. Solo-Werks and the many sponsors made the event possible. The show winners include old Audi Foxy wagon and our very own Rilber’s widebody Audi A4 Avant. The annual limbo contest is always a unique treat. The winner was a VW Thing with a fold able windshield. Post show, is the evenings after party at the host hotel.

Some of my favorites were the FourSeasonTuning Audi Suzuka Grey, Casa Blanca Audi S4 Avant (RS4) Widebody, Audi Foxy wagon, Green’ish Yellow VW Caddy pickup, Pandem VW MK2 GTI and the dull highlighter yellow VW Beetle. But really, every car at the event held a place in European car culture.

I don’t get a chance to hang out with my friends at Big SoCal Euro, so #OccupyBigBear is the place to go for me to enjoy the company of my fellow European car lovers. Sometimes, all you really need are some good friends mixed with some amazing cars. That’s what you have, #OccupyBigBear.

Full photo album, click here

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