One mouse, one keyboard, multiple monitors

Have you ever wanted to share a single set of mouse and keyboard across multiple computers (desktop/laptop) ?

Well, I’m here to share with you some of the options that I have found. I’m going to talk about 3 solutions that all work, but work with different purposes. We will talk about Mouse without Borders, Synergy¬†and ShareMouse.

All three of these options serve the same purpose, use one set of keyboard & mouse to be able to control multiple machines, KVM functionality. All three of these options allow you to copy and paste text between the machines you are using. In limited functionality, you can transfer files by dragging and dropping.


Mouse without Borders


  • Free
  • Support through Microsoft developer
  • Great features
  • Simply to use and setup

  • Only supports Microsoft Windows OS




  • Not free, but low one-time fee
  • Support Windows, Mac OSX & Linux

  • Not free, but low one-time fee
  • Little more involved setup




  • Free version available
  • Supports Windows & Mac OSX

  • Free version lacks needed features
  • Lacks support for Linux variants


If you have a Windows only environment, I would recommend Mouse without Borders. It’s free, supported directly by Microsoft developers and seems to be very stable. If you have a mixed environment of Windows, OSX and Linux, the only good option is Synergy. Synergy pricing model is a one-time fee for $10 or if you want encryption $29. ShareMouse supports Windows and OSX, but I felt you really need to go Professional version starting at $19.95 per year. The free version of ShareMouse just lacks some basic features.

The functionality you get with any of these products is well worth it.