911R, Porsche lightweight manual P-car that we wish we want

Porsche is such a tease. We have fallen in love with all the recent models they have given us. That includes the 918, Cayman GT4, 911 GT3 and GT3RS.


Following the manual rowboat of the GT4, Porsche gives us a manual-only 911R model. It’s lightweight and raw. It features a 4.0 litter flat-six out of the GT3RS pushing 500 horsepower and 338 pound ft of torque through a rare and dying breed of manual six-speed gearboxes. Stopping power is through 16.1 inches front and 15.4 inches carbon ceramic brakes as standard under 20 inch rollers.¬†Curb weight scaling¬†in at 3021 lbs, which is 110 lbs lighter than the RS model.

911r_2 911r_interiorjpg

We love the cloth interior full bucket seats. I think we are done with talking about it, please check out this amazing video of the 911R on the back roads.

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