Announcing the new BMW M2 !

BMW has just announced their newest edition to the M family. This time in their small lightweight nimble side of the family.

For those that love the original BMW 1M with it’s turbocharged six, you are going to love the all-new BMW M2. Based on the wonderful F22 2-series chassis which has been raved for it’s performance characteristics. We think the M Performance improvements included in the BMW M2 really fix all styling negatives from the standard 2-series.

bmw_m2_2 bmw_m2_3

The new BMW M2 packs a turbocharged six cylinder pushing 365 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque out of a curb weight of 3,450 lbs for the DCT model and 3,505 for the manual row model. These specs allow the new pocket rocket to get to 60 mph in 4.2/4.4 secs respectively. Features an Active M Differential pushing the rear wheels.

BMW is claiming a 7:58 time around the ring, ousting the original 1M by 14 secs and 6 secs behind the BMW M4. The 235i M Sport was already a quick performer, the M2 simply amplifies it’s good genes.

bmw_m2_4 bmw_m2_5

Prices are estimated to be in the low-$50k mark. The 2-series is definitely a fun package with potential. Undoubtly BMW is serious about the performance from their M-models. The new M2 is unquestionably M.

Enjoy the video featuring the new M2