Porsches insane new 3.0TT Carrera S

Honestly we’re a little shocked not many people have noticed the cat is out of the bag, past the fence, and off in your neighbors yard stalking whatever lurks there.  Seriously, Automobilemag posted a wonderful writeup of the much anticipated 991.2 911 Carrera which now sports a forced induction engine as standard.  Yup.  The 911 Carrera and Carrera S are turbos.  They’re not the 911 Turbo mind you, that honor will still go to Porsche’s fastest variation which we fully expect to be barking on the 2 second naught to sixty door in 991.2 iteration (tires permitting).


Porsche has shrunk the venerable 3.4L boxer engine of the 991 Carrera and 3.8L boxer engine of the 991 Carrera S and has replaced them with a 3.0L boxer with a pair of turbos.  Original speculation had called for a 2.7L engine for the Carrera however has apparently gone for the same power-plant with two tunes.  Both engines gain 20 hp over their naturally aspirated predecessors.  Torque increases by 45 lb ft.  Acceleration though, that’s the big news.  The Carrera S drops from 4.3 seconds to sixty to 3.7 seconds to sixty, or, as quick as our Big-Euro 997 Turbo.  Seriously.  That’s insane.


Automobilemag contends the notorious Porsche exhaust note hasn’t suffered at the hands of turbocharging, which isn’t entirely surprising given how good the 991 Turbo sounds.  And the handling?  Also sublime.  Plus a drift mode!  Now you can have at those Focus RS’s that should be released around the same time and see who is king of Drift Mountain – provided you check the options box for rear wheel steering.  Yup, that filtered down from the 991 Turbo and GT3RS to the plain Jane Carrera S.  See.  Insanity abounds!


The full Automobilemag write up is certainly worth your attention.  As for us, we’ll have to wait for the Porsche launch at Fontana Speedway as usual but we’ve honestly never been more excited to test a new Carrera S, hell or even the Carrera!!

Read the full review here.

Photos also from Automobilemag