Perfection – Audi RS6 Avant in Mocha Latte

Found at Audi Forum, the perfect single vehicle. Sure you could buy a supercar with 500 plus horsepower. Sure you can find a larger vehicle. But you can not deny the ability of a high powered wagon.

Combine the amazing 4.0 liter┬ábi-turbo V8 that outputs 560 hp and 516 ft/lb of torque, plenty of interior space for 4 to 5 people, enough hatch space for a weekend getaway and the Audi exclusive Mocha Latte paint color. There really isn’t much better car in the world that is as capable in one vehicle.

Audi_RS6_Mocha_Latte_4 Audi_RS6_Mocha_Latte_6 Audi_RS6_Mocha_Latte_Interior Audi_RS6_Mocha_Latte_1 Audi_RS6_Mocha_Latte_2 Audi_RS6_Mocha_Latte_3