Bimmerfest 2015 Coverage

Bimmerfest, what can we say about Bimmerfest. Bimmerfest is one of the longest running BMW specific events in the US. Every year it brings together the largest community of BMW fanatics to the Southern California area.

This years event was amazing. Featuring vendors and car enthusiasts from all over. One thing is certain, BMW’s lineup is dominated by the F8x M3/M4. The vendor area was flooded with different configurations of the new M3/M4. It almost seemed like every other new BMW model was overshadowed. But then you see the lineup of the Heritage Coral and balance is restored.

One of the highlights of the event was BigLare’s IND built 4-door BMW F80 M3 in Individual Fashion Grey with custom 2 tone blue interior. BigLare annually brings subtle and unique BMW’s to the event. IND fitted the car with carbon fiber aero pieces and a unique blueberry blue HRE Wheels RS101M. Check out the unique interior colors in the gallery below.

Honestly, there were so many cars it was hard to see it all.

Here’s a few of our favorites and full gallery/pictures below. Don’t forget to check out video coverage by our friends at CarNinja.


Mode Carbon shows another example of a 4-door BMW M3 in white. Their new subtle front lip was one of our favorites of the show. Car was complimented well with the new HRE Wheels Classic 303 wheels.


Always and forever a favorite is the original BMW E30 M3. This one sporting the forever classic mesh BBS Wheels.


This Catuned BMW 6-series was a stunner. Hidden in a sea of amazing older BMW’s in the Heritage zone.


HG Motorsports showcased a fully wrapped BMW M4 on HRE Wheels new RC1 Series track ready wheel.


Jeremy Whittle has been making the rounds with his BMW 740iL E38. Now wearing a set of HRE Classic 309.


Mickey Andrade recently completed the heart transplant of his #RicFlare LibertyWalk widebody wagon. Now with a twin turbo 6-cylinder. To liven up the new transformation he has included a JTCC/BTCC touring car livery.


Auto Couture brought a duo of Signal Green BMW F8x M3/M4’s.

This years Bimmerfest truly showcases the large BMW community and the organization of the event that Jon Shafer started over a decade ago out of Santa Barbara. Can’t wait til next year!

Video by CarNinja

Bimmerfest 2015

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Bimmerfest 2015 By CarNinja

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