Poland has a Supercar! Arrinera Hussarya

Poland isn’t known for making supercars. They might have a number of wealthy people who have great collections of supercars. Now they do! Poland introduces the Arrinera Hussarya at Poznan Auto Show in Poland. Originally introducing the concept car in 2011.


The Hussarya is powered by a 8.2 liter V8 outputing 800 hp and 663 ft/lb of torque. The original concept featured a 650 hp 6.2 liter motor said to do 0-62 mph in 3.2 secs and hit top speed of 211 mph. With the new powerplant, we expect even better numbers

The chassis is a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar. Arrinera employed the services of Lee Noble, from the British Noble company, to assist with chassis tuning. Pricing is expected to be over $200,000 US, but things may change.

Check out the video below from 2014

arrinera-hussarya-2015-pozna-auto-show_100508225_l arrinera-hussarya-2015-pozna-auto-show_100508226_h arrinera-hussarya-2015-pozna-auto-show_100508227_h arrinera-hussarya-2015-pozna-auto-show_100508220_h