Black Beauty Lamborghini Huracan by HG Motorsports

Words by Lon Mok | Photos by Gabriel Milori

The is our first feature involving the new Lamborghini Hurácan LP610. The outgoing Gallardo ended it’s reign in 2013 and let’s be honest, it was a long reign. Since the Gallardo was introduced in 2003, the design of the Gallardo has not changed too much.

The Gallardo was sort of a bastard child when Audi acquired Lamborghini. It was close to production when Audi came along. Audi added it’s touches, but they really didn’t have much to do with it’s initial design.


The Audi R8 had the benefit of taking the good from the Gallardo and blending the build and engineering from the Germans. The 2nd generation Gallardo eventually received those same updates. The Hurácan has the Italian flare of Lamborghini with the feature rich build quality from Audi.

The Hurácan LP610 packs 602 hp from the retuned 5.2 liter V10 from the Gallardo. The new V10 introduces direct fuel injection and multi-point fuel injection. The improvements allow the Hurácan to sprint from 0-60 in 3.2 secs and hit 120 mph in 9.9 secs. Finally the V10 have a proper dual clutch transmission 7-speed to translate the power down, but sadly removing the option of a manual rowing machine. The Hurácan also has a new magnetic controlled suspension system.


The new interior of the Hurácan is sporty and elegant. The Hurácan also is one of the first sportscars to have the infotainment system located within the dash console instead of the center console. This allows the driver to see whatever information he needs right in front of him. The headlight system features is full LED.

The Hurácan has received improvements throughout, but as we all know, there are always improvements to be made. HG Motorsports fitted the new Hurácan with a set of HRE Wheels classic designed 305M in satin bronze. The simple five spoke design compliments the angular look of the Lamborghini. The bronze finish is subtle against the glossy black of the car.


No car should ever ride at stock height. A set of Novitec lowering springs were used to bring the chassis down to earth. The black beast was offset with hints of red from the brake calipers and interior leather trim. KI Studios was called on to bring the black and red theme together with an simple hood and roof striping.

HG Motorsports is known for racing what they build, so we can’t wait to hear the roaring V10 of this black beauty coming down the straightaway.


lamborghini_huracan_hgms_novitec lamborghini_huracan_hgms_novitec_1


Lamborghini Huracan By HG Motorsports

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