New 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS released at Geneva

As if Porsche didn’t rock the European enthusiast world with the new Cayman GT4, now they dropped a new 911 GT3 RS !! From the bystanders, Porsche had become a little stuffy with their 996 and 997 lineup, but always drew us back in with the GT and RS series lineup.

We feel that Porsche really is coming to light with the introduction of the Cayman GT4 and the new 911 GT3. The new GT3 RS will feature a 4.0 liter flat-six drawing 500 hp that will launch the rocket to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and max out at 198 mph.


This is the track version of the 911 models. Porsche has really stepped up the 911 model variants, counting 20 of them. This is to support the many different needs of a Porsche owner. The RS killing device is a step above the standard GT3. In contrast to the all-condition variant of the 911 Turbo S which, in most cases is a faster vehicle. The GT3 RS is the fastest variant when on track, being lighter and more nimble. The GT3 RS uses the wide body of the Turbo models which the standard GT3 manages with the narrow body. The use of carbon fiber hood and trunk lid and a magnesium roof allows the GT3 RS to be 22 pounds lighter than the GT3.


The wilder 911 GT3 RS features PDK 7-speed dual clutch transmission with revised programming for track duty. As large as the standard GT3 rear spoiler wing is, the RS is even larger. And to keep the tires in proper contact, the suspension is fully adjustable with PASM adaptive suspension and torque vectoring.


All the advancements on the RS allow it to pull a 7 minute 20 sec laptime on the famous Nurburgring, which is 5 sec faster than the standard GT3. Base pricing will be a tick under $177k with delivery expected in July 2015. Which isn’t a bad price considering it’s street brother the 911 Turbo S a tick over $180k.  An amazing vehicle for those that have needs off the public streets.



2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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