Symbolic’s Cars & Coffee goes from incredible to totally mental

The Pagani Huayra.  If you want to take a Cars & Coffee and turn it up to totally mental, just bring a Huayra.  And that’s exactly what Alejandro Salomon did this Saturday to the most recent iteration of Symbolic Motor Car Company’s take on the Cars & Coffee theme. Special thanks to Spencer Berke for putting this amazing event together.


With the demise of the originating Cars & Coffee in Irvine many of us car nuts have been searching for something to fill the void.  Irvine provided what must be the most unique experience on the planet, the most rare examples of road going sculpture ever produced, and often times preproduction prototypes with industry types looking for more instant feedback instead of needing to wait for the front lawn at Pebble Beach.  Saturdays saw everything from Ferrari F40’s to a handful of Vectors drive into the former PAG parking lot while spectators clutching iPhones and coffee eagerly snapped photos to uploaded to Instagram.  What really made Irvine spectacular  was the owners, you could walk right up to someone with a Zonda and have a chat about life with a Pagani in the garage, and that’s the magic we’ve been looking for at the many events that popped up after Irvine’s demise.


Well before 9:00AM, the official arrival time for those interested in showing at Symbolic, caravans of hypercars began to line Sorrento Valley Road.  Porsches from previous to current generations, Mercedes AMG models, Lamborghini Aventadors and Nissan GT-R’s, even good old American muscle for good measure.  The center turn aisle constantly filled itself with a huge variety of cars in the same way the redbull shelf at the gas station stocks itself when you remove a can.  Spectators multiplied as well, perched along the road, and the embankment that leads to the front parking lot of Symbolic’s service center.


We grew impatient waiting for the Huayra and Veyrons to arrive and made our way towards the back of the Symbolic service center buildings where the majority of cars congregate.  Rounding the corner things got very interesting VERY fast.  HG Motorsports’ Gullwing 300SL and roadster were already staged next to a handful of early Porsches and Symbolic’s recently acquired Lamborghini Muria.  On the opposite side of the drive aisle?  A shining silver Bugatti EB110 Super Sport.  Insane!  Further down the F458, GT3’s, Huracans, Gallardos, and Aventadors you see above.  Tons of new cars from Symbolic as well, like that fantastic new 4.0T Bentley and tons of Rolls Royce motors.  Very Very cool.


Making our way back to the main drive we could feel the energy in the air begin to crescendo, and in an instant a massive wave of hundreds of people lunged down to the street.  The Huayra had arrived.  If you’ve ever seen a celebrity get mobbed in LA, magnify that by 100.  That E-Class AMG wagon we alluded to earlier?  He was unfortunately trying to leave the show at the same time the Huayra arrived and the ensuing glut of spectators made it impossible for a few tenuous minutes for either cars to move.  Luckily the Symbolic volunteers managed to corral the spectators along the sides, the Huayra headed towards the back, and the sea of fans sprinted to keep up.


Later Alejandro unloaded his Porsche 918 from the JP Logistics carrier and brought it to join the Huayra.  The poor 918 barely caught anyones attention and the crowd surrounding the Pagani failed to drop below six deep in every direction.  It was scary at times as folks with smart phones contorted to all manner of trepidatious angles attempting to grab a slightly different vantage point than the next person.  We don’t think anyone fell on the Pagani, but it was close at times.


Like Cars & Coffee Irvine, it’s the variety of cars at Symbolic that really makes the show worth while.  Take this Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evolutione, did anyone expect a Groupe B monster like this to show up?  Or a mint condition Chevy Bel Air? Or a BMW i8?

Goes to show that even though Cars and Coffee Irvine is gone, the car culture is alive!  And the real magic of Cars and Coffee, that totally approachable atmosphere of everyone, from a Fiat 500 driver to a Veyron, is just as prominent!


Bottom line – add Symbolic to your Instagram, or Facebook, or whatever your preferred social media platform is, and make sure you attend their next Cars & Coffee!

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Words & Photos by Erik Ruggels | Photo gallery below by CarNinja

Symbolic Motors – Cars & Coffee February 2015

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