Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles coming soon!

UPDATE: The new Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles is now open! Check out their website. I hope they invite us to do a feature. *Wink girl with 2 first names*

Porsche is currently building out it’s 53 acre facility in Carson, CA. This location will be one of five such facilities in the world. There is no denying that the location of the new Porsche Experience Center is located for convenience. Since it will host West Coast Porsche lovers, it is conveniently located 20 mins drive from LAX Airport and easily services most of California and Nevada.

The facility will include it’s own test track, off-road area and road course. They will be able to simulate rain, ice and snow conditions. On site cafe and gift shop will allow owners to browse Porsche Design products and put a new meaning to “fast food”.  Off-track entertainment continues with a theater, historic Porsche museum, and conference center to host Porsche events within the Los Angeles area. The museum will allow owners the chance to lease space to display their historic vehicles to the public.

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This facility will also be the first time Porsche encompass both Porsche Cars and Porsche Motorsports within the same building. The city of Carson is expecting to benefit with additional $22.5 million a year with the new Porsche Experience Center and the addition of 135 jobs. Porsche owners will be able to receive parts & services for track cars at the facility.

Porsche is known for building track cars that are capable on the street. With the new Porsche Experience Center, Porsche lovers everywhere will be able to truly experience what it means when you say “There is No Substitute”.

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