Porsche Cayman GT4 unleashed, as quick as the ’11 GT3!

After months of ‘Will they, Won’t they’ speculation – Porsche has unleashed their most potent Cayman, the GT4!  While many had expected Porsche to imbue their mid-engine wünder car with twin turbos, Porsche elected to take a different route, shoehorning a 385 HP, 3.8L  flat six based on the Carrera S power plant.  Transmission choices include a six speed manual and… that’s it!


We’ve been fortunate enough to track both the 991 Carrera S and Cayman GTS (post coming soon, we promise), and the divine union of the Carrera S engine and accompanying soundtrack with the Caymans unparalleled track dynamics promises to be the most spectacular Porsche experience this side of the GT3.

In order to retain that signature Cayman feel on the track, brakes have been super sized while the ride height decreases 30mm.  Additional parts bin raiding has found various GT3 chassis components transplanted into the GT4.  This isn’t your Grandpa’s Cayman.

Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 SR1-SP7


Acceleration is pegged right at 4.2 seconds on the naught to sixty and 7:40 around the ‘ring; keeping company with the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Mercedes-Benz/McLaren SLR, Mercedes SLS, Ford GT, and the aforementioned 997.2 GT3 – this Cayman punches well above its weight.  Pricing begins at $84,000, that additional scratch above the GTS will bring you a really clean steering wheel that looks quite a bit like the 918’s with less buttons, liberal bits of alcantara.  The options list is as long as any Porsche with options like full carbon fiber bucket seats sure to drive the average transaction price of one well into the six digits.


If we told you we were expecting Porsche to cram the heart of a Carrera S and the chassis components of a GT3 into the Cayman GT4 we’d be lying.  Like most we figured Porsche would take the easy route and just twin turbo the GTS and provide the market with another widow-maker like the 996TT.  Are we happy they went this manual only, normally aspirated routed instead?  Oh yes.  Everything great about the GTS turned up to 11!

We are closely following Elizabeth Diomin with her Jalopnik Edition Porsche GT4. Follow it at PORSCHEnews !!


Build your very own through the online GT4 configurator.

New Porsche Cayman GT4 commercial “Rebels, race on.”

Check out EVO’s video if you have time to spare, all the details you could possible want are there:

Words by Erik Ruggels | Photos by Porsche


New Porsche Cayman GT4

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