All-new 2015 Mercedes AMG C63

The last several generations of the C-class AMG models has been a love it or hate it situation. Starting with the C32 and C55, Mercedes has been chasing Audi and BMW for the compact sedan segment. When the the C63 AMG was launched with a mighty 6.2L V8, Mercedes finally had a foot in the race. 451 hp was being delivered to the rear tires measuring 255 and instantly able to appease the young and reckless crowd. Even with the new formula it was still a step behind the Motorsport driven BMW M3 and balanced luxury sport of the Audi RS4.

The 2015 AMG C63 will feature a 4.0 liter twin turbo dropping 469 hp, with a C63S pumping an astonishing 503 hp and 516 ft lbs of torque. The new engine shares design with the new Mercedes-AMG GT. Power was not an issue from the last generation, but the new power-plant is estimated to provide 30+ mpg in contrast to a previous generation of 19 mpg (highway). Mercedes is claiming to have the most efficient eight-cylinder in the segment.


Also take into account the newly engineered chassis, drive-train and suspension and you now have a package that truly challenges the competition. Time well spent on the new Mercedes interiors made BMW interiors dated and scaring the likes of Audi. But competition is healthy and bystanders of the automotive world love to see what follows.

Chris Harris reviews the new 2015 Mercedes Benz C63, video below.