1967 Volvo 122 Amazon with 788hp monster!

What’s more awesome then these new supercar/hypercars? Of course the classic euros reimagined.

Take a 1967 Volvo Amazon 122 and bring it back to life with a modern image. That is what Mattias Vöcks has done with this Volvo. He has transplanted a S80 T6 2.8L turbocharged 6-cylinder into the classic body of the Volvo 122 Amazon. With this motor outputing 788hp and 723 lb-ft of torque, you can see it destroying modern supercars, such as Ferrari’s (see video below).

Source: InfiniteGarage

1967-Volvo-Amazon-600-hp-Engine-1280x960 1967-Volvo-Amazon-600-hp-Front-And-Side-1280x960 1967-Volvo-Amazon-600-hp-Interior-1280x960