Audi Allroad by Daohaus

Old time friend, Duan Dao is no stranger to modified Euros. Back in the day, Duan and myself were known in the Euro world for sparking the love of wagons. He has been hiding for a decade and out of the blue, drops da bomb of amazing vehicles on us.

If you guys follow @daohaus_garage you will see their fresh take on family vans with a Toyota Sienna SE on Accuair suspension. And now we present the Audi allroad on Airlift/Rotiforms. Both these family friendly vehicles were built by Boden Autohaus.

Duan has selected Airlift air suspension to control his fear of heights and a set of Rotiform IND-T 20″ Mono 2-piece wheels to give it the proper identity. Duan is known for having style and taste, represented by Duan’s allroad.

Photos by Trevor Thompson of ActivFilms

Audi_allroad_white_rotiform_1 Audi_allroad_white_rotiform_2 Audi_allroad_white_rotiform_4 Audi_allroad_white_rotiform_5 Audi_allroad_white_rotiform_6 Audi_allroad_white_rotiform_7