Porsche 911 Turbo on HRE and Ohlins by HG Motorsports

HG Motorsports recently did, what we call stage 1 of any tuner car. Stage 1 should be on any car enthusiasts vehicle, includes wheels and suspension (budget limiting of course). The owner selected a set of HRE S101 in gloss charcoal and Road/Track Ohlin coilovers for his Porsche 997.1 Turbo. More coverage to follow on this car.

HG-Motorsports-Porsche-997TT-HRE-Ohlins-01 HG-Motorsports-Porsche-997TT-HRE-Ohlins-04 HG-Motorsports-Porsche-997TT-HRE-Ohlins-10 HG-Motorsports-Porsche-997TT-HRE-Ohlins-11 HG-Motorsports-Porsche-997TT-HRE-Ohlins-12