Coverage from MegaRun 2014 by Targa Trophy

Targa Trophy rally events have become a household name. BIG-Euro has co-hosted various events with Targa Trophy in the past. Most of us commoners might not have know about this exclusive event dubbed MegaRun. That’s because the contestants were hand selected. Cherry picked with the best of the best from the rally scene. Check out the photos from the event.

MegaRun’s journey included 3 different states, California, Arizona and Nevada over 3 days.

megarun2014_targatrphy_ferrari_458_gas megarun2014_targatrphy_group_jump megarun2014_targatrphy_group1 megarun2014_targatrphy_bmw_m4_audi

megarun2014_targatrphy_bmw_135_1mclone megarun2014_targatrphy_bmw_m3_e90_yellow_audi_rs5 megarun2014_targatrphy_bmw_m3_e92 megarun2014_targatrphy_bmw_m4_1 megarun2014_targatrphy_bmw_m4_2 megarun2014_targatrphy_bmw_m4_ferrari megarun2014_targatrphy_mercedes_clk_black megarun2014_targatrphy_audi_r8 megarun2014_targatrphy_audi_rs5 megarun2014_targatrphy_audi_rs5_white megarun2014_targatrphy_audi_s4_accuair


Photos by CarNinja and Mo